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IOTSH01 series temperature sensor


Hardware features:

  • Temperature probe: +- 0.5C C between -10C..+85C
  • Temperature probe resolution: 12bit (0.0625C)
  • Temperature probe enclosure: stainless steel
  • Temperature probe diameter: 6mm
  • Temperature probe length: 30mm
  • Temperature probe cable length: 1m
  • Power supply cable length: 1.5m
  • Power supply voltage: 100V-240V
  • Power supply frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption: 0.2 W
  • Power supply protection: double protection
  • Yearly power consumption: 1.8 kWh
  • Dimmensions: 85mm x 55mm x 35mm

Communication features

  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • soft-AP
  • Up to 5 different networks can be defined
  • Supports static IP
  • Scans for strongest network if more than one defined
  • MQTT enabled
  • Domoticz integration via MQTT
  • Home Assistant integration via MQTT
  • Fast asynchronous HTTP Server
    • Configurable port
    • Basic authentication
    • Web-based configuration
    • Sensor data from the web interface
    • Websockets-based communication between the device and the browser
    • Backup and restore settings option
    • Upgrade firmware from the web interface
  • REST API (enable/disable from web interface)
  • GET sensor data

First time configuration

If the device dont find usable Wifi network, she will create a Soft AP to able configure the device. The name of this AP is starting IOT4SHxxxxxxxxxx , like on the picture.

IMG 0705.PNG IMG 0706.PNG

To connect this SSID use the default password: Littlepig

When your device was connected to the AP, need to open in the browser the address .

IMG 0707.PNG

Use the default username: admin and password: Littlepig.

If logged in successfully select the Wifi page.

IMG 0712.PNG

  1. Set your SSID name
  2. Set the password for it
  3. Update the configuration
  4. Reconnect the device to the network